Teaser Tuesday 22/7/2020

I am currently not reading any book. So I will pick random lines from my last read book Vachana Bharata by A R Krishna Shastry. It is about great Indian epic Mahabharata. This is an excerpt from the Aranyaparva where Pandavas are spending their days in forest.

One day a breeze from east direction brought a sacred Sougandhika flower. Droupadi thought it signifies auspicious message and out of joy she took it to Bhimasena and said,

“Bhimasena! Did you see this flower? It’s so beautiful. I will take this to Dharmaraya. Please bring many flowers like this. Let’s take this to Kamyaka forest”

Accordingly Bhima went in the direction that brought the flower.

Written for this prompt:

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